Craig K Nelson


I'm an Art Director, but I wear a lot of hats—literally, my hat collection is huge. I've worked on big and small clients, doing everything from art direction and design to photography, illustration, animation, f‌ilming, editing, coding, and copywriting. I'll even throw in some modeling/acting if you ask really nicely. Please don't.

  • Associate Creative Director | MediaMonks | '21→
  • ACD Art Director | Mekanism | '20-'21
  • Senior Art Director | BBDO | '17-'20
  • Art Director | RPA | '13-'17
  • Graphic Designer | It All Adds Up | '11-'13
Addy Awards Cannes Lions Emmys Wommy Awards Shorty Awards Brand Film Festival Awards Proto Awards National Student Advertising Competition Webby Awards ACIP Next Awards Think LA IDEA Awards UMCF Maroon & Gold Awards
  • University of Minnesota
  • Major | Creative Advertising & Public Relations
  • Minor | Design | Marketing | Spanish Studies
  • New York, NY | San Francisco, CA | Los Angeles, CA
    Toledo, Spain | Penang, Malaysia | Minneapolis, MN
  • Honda Serial One Brand Film Festival Winner, LA Addy Silver (2x), Shorty Finalist
  • Warriors The Town Kit / Our Strength Comes From You Northern California Emmy Award
  • Honda Distracted Driving National Addy Silver, LA Addy Gold, Shorty Silver, LA Addy Bronze (2x), Webby Honoree
  • Honda HR-V Selfie Edition WOMMY Bronze, LA Addy Silver, LA Addy Bronze (2x), Shorty Finalist, ThinkLA IDEA Finalist
  • Honda Fit Kit WOMMA Gold, Shorty Silver, LA Addy Gold
  • Honda Music From Every Angle Brand Film Festival Selection, AICP Next Shortlist, #5 Google Top 10 Cannes 360º, Webby Honoree, Shorty Finalist, Proto Finalist (3x)
  • Honda Meow is the Moment Shorty Finalist (2x)
  • Honda Civic Instahacks Shorty Finalist
  • Honda Love Today LA Addy Bronze (2x)
  • Honda Summer #Cheerance Simply Social Summer Award Winner
  • NSAC - Glidden Paint 10th Place Nationals, 1st Place Regionals, Olson Brand Champion
  • It All Adds Up UMCF Gold, UMCF Maroon (2x)
What strangers on the internet are saying about my work:

THE AMERICAN WAR is a screenplay I wrote based loosley on my father's experiences coming of age during the Vietnam Draft and hitchhiking up and down the west coast. It's a work in progress, but it did get selected as a semif‌inalist in the Save the Cat! Screenplay Challenge, where I will surely lose to Shia LaBeouf (yes, that Shia LaBeouf).

You can read it below or download it here.


I love writing and recording music⁠—but there's a reason I plan to keep my day job. Most of what I make now is half-f‌inished and unreleased, but if you want to hear some demos of what I sounded like when I was (much) younger, give the playlist below a listen. It's a mix of projects/groups and on various tracks I sing, play guitar, drum, or produce.

WARNING: I can't sing, and Electronica/Hip Hop/Screamo are best left unmixed.